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On the work table, off the table and under the table.

On the work table now is a piece of free stitching in neutral tones with vintage off white thread and some metallic touches.

Piece In Progress

Piece In Progress

This is what it looks like when I’m working on it up close.


This is what it looks like overall. I will keep adding to this piece and have nowhere in particular that I want to take it. It is a wandering, freeform piece. I like the colors and the density of the stitches.

Piece In Progress

Piece In Progress

This angel is off the table now. It’s the latest piece and you can read more about it here. It’s available on Etsy.

Angel in Gold

Angel in Gold

After working with muted tones, I craved a bit of color. Here is what I’ve gathered for a future piece. I’ve begun some stitching for what will be more of a collage piece than a wandering piece. The fabrics are hand dyed and I am using Painter’s Threads.

Color Way for Piece in Progress

Color Way for Piece in Progress

I spotted him quietly keeping me company under the photography table. He looks like the first neutral toned piece above.

keeping me company



Lesley Riley Blog Hop and TAP Class Giveaway Coming Up Soon

There is a great Blog Hop coming up June 26. You may want to start following these blogs NOW (you’ll love them) so you won’t miss it. There will be one TAP (Transfer Artist Paper) class giveaway per blog and Lesley Riley is giving away a 5 sheet package of Transfer Artist Paper. Thanks Lesley!

Hosted by: Lesley Riley

June 26Christine Urias 
June 27Karen Watson  
June 28Judy Coates Perez  
June 29Theresa Wells Stifel
June 30Lynn Krawczyk 
July 1Claudine Hellmuth 
July 2Gina Rossi Armfield
July 3Carolyn Dube
July 4Liz Kettle
July 5Jane LaFazio 
July 6Joanne Sharpe
July 7Pam Carriker 
July 8 – Theresa Martin RIGHT HERE!

If you want to try out TAP click on the link to be taken to Lesley’s shop. I’ve also seen this available at Joann’s online. I’ve used it and it’s a great material for making transfers to fabric, paper, wood and more.



The $25 Paperwhimsy Gift Certificate Winner is

the winner is on June 7

The winner of the gift certificate is Tami Roth.
Tami, Gale of paperwhimsy will be emailing the certificate to you soon.

I added five more collage winners as a thank you for the great response and comments everyone sent my way.

The collage winners are:

Nancy Almand
JoAnn (jojo)
Chris Peden
Barbara Morrison
Tristan Blakeman
Susan Gerdy
Julie Loeschke
Tierney Telese
LuAnn M. Kessler

Collage winners will receive an email from me requesting your mailing address.


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