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Passamaneria in Rome


During our recent visit to Rome we were searching for an embroidery shop I’d seen mentioned on the web. After finding it closed (shops close down for a few hours mid day) we kept walking through the area and found this place. It was also closed but we returned later. The place was unassuming from the outside and cramped and stuffed to the rafters inside.  We suspect they supply trim to the some of the liturgical garb places in the nearby streets.

The shop seems to be run by two women. The older woman was delightful and seemed to thrill that someone found the goods as bella as she did. She kept gesturing to different pieces and mentioning their colors, saying they were beautiful. The younger woman wasn’t as happy about our visit but cheered up as time went on. I purchased a few beautiful gold pieces and some lace. I love this place and wish there was something comparable in the states. I didn’t return to find the embroidery shop again as it wasn’t nearly as exciting as the passamaneria.

Unassuming from the outside

Unassuming from the outside

Teasing view through the window

A teasing view through the window

Our two hostesses and you can see us in the mirror. It was as cramped and stuffed to the rafters as it appears in the photo.

Our two hostesses and you can see us in the mirror. It was as cramped and stuffed to the rafters as it appears in the photo.



More Trim

More Trim and the sign says they don’t give out samples!

Oh the fringes!

Oh the fringes!

Trims and Ribbons

Trims and Ribbons

Wish I'd had time to go through it all!

Wish I could go through it all!

This is one of the trims I bought.

This is one of the trims I bought. It looks beautiful with color placed behind it as you see in her display.

Lovely colored tassels

Lovely bright colored tassels

Liturgical Trim

Liturgical Trim

Business Card

Business Card


12 thoughts on “Passamaneria in Rome

  1. WOW……… eyes couldn’t focus on one thing! Such ‘eye’ candy, Theresa! I’m SO happy for you that you went back and poked around AND took photos! I fear I would have gone a bit crazy inside this shoppe and have gone over the weight limit on my suitcase! The gold you choose is quite lovely and putting the fabric behind it really lets us see it’s fine details. Going over your photos again, I love the wide trim, too! NO SAMPLES? Drat!

  2. I don’t just want to hop on a plane a visit, I want to move in!

  3. Oh my goodness! And the gold trim you purchased would have found its way into my bag as well… it is stunning. What a lovely feast for the eyes!

  4. what an awesome shop Theresa!! First of all , to be in Italy and then all these incredible trims and bits! I don’t know how you restrained yourself-I probably would’ve at least filled a lg. tote bag to take home 🙂

  5. OH wow! What an incredible place! So glad you were able to experience it and Italy too : )

  6. Wow! What a gorgeous shop and all of those yummy treasures! I do love especially the gold trim you bought- exquisite! Lucky you- someday I too will visit! Thanks for sharing!
    Jackie “)

  7. Oh what an amazing discovery…
    I can only imagine your total delight and excitement!
    It had to be a real challenge to try and focus and decide on something when you probably wanted a piece of most everything 😉
    The gold trim is Bella indeed!
    What an amazing trip this must have been ♥

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