theresa mARTin

mixed media art

Royal Reliquary – Fit For A Queen


Royal Reliquary

Royal Reliquary

Royal Reliquary Detail

Royal Reliquary Detail

This is the latest Paperwhimsy inspire piece and you can read more about how it was made HERE. I love Gale’s new reliquary form and it comes in two sizes, medium at  6-1/4″ tall by  6″ and large at 8″ tall by 7-3/4. I used the large one for this piece. You can buy them HERE. It’s a great form for making a Christmas piece, and it’s simple to put together. The images and embellishments you choose for inside the panels can give you a lot of wow factor.

Paperwhimsy Reliquary Base

Paperwhimsy Reliquary Base

3 thoughts on “Royal Reliquary – Fit For A Queen

  1. this is amazing thanks for sharing it

  2. Incredibly beautiful!

  3. oh how i love these colors together…truly a masterpiece, theresa…xoxo

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