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mixed media art

Quirky Embroidery Revisited




Digital Collage

I’m still playing around with Quirky Embroidery pieces. These are 8″ x 10″ embroidered pieces that are based on digital collages. The works are small and I’ve been toying with the idea  of making them into one or two large pieces. Here I’m placing them against a black back drop to see how they look. First I tried a white background, but the black makes the images pop in a dramatic way. Every time I lay them out together, I think I need two more pieces, or three more pieces so you see the way it’s going. I may not combine them for a long time until I’m amassed a greater collection of them. I may put them on a black background as individual pieces. I’m not sure. What do you think? Sometimes I question if I should even keep going with these, but I do.  

panel2theresamartin paneltheresamartintheresamartinpanel theresamARTinEmbroidery

10 thoughts on “Quirky Embroidery Revisited

  1. I hope you keep going with these! I love them and am inspired by them.

  2. Love these!

  3. I agree …… your quirky embroideries need to continue. I think I like them as individual pieces on the black .

    • Thank you Robyn. I’ve reached that uncertain point one gets to sometime in a body of work. I appreciate your feedback and am leaning towards making them individual pieces on black. Theresa

  4. why not keep going if you’re enjoying creating them so much…they are really fantastic!! I love the idea of putting them on black individually…then more people have the opportunity to buy one, and then you can keep making them…:)

  5. These look so impressive against the black. Putting them together on a black background sounds like an inspired idea to me!

  6. I think you should continue also and like them on the black background. these are really cool and unique Theresa so glad you shared them with us…hey maybe a fabric journal of quirky individuals? “)

  7. Your work is amazing and so inspiring… I love what you do. Penny

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