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A Tale of Two Scarabs – Luxor and Giza


Two Scarabs Top View theresa mARTin

Two Scarabs Top View

Two Scarabs Open

Two Scarabs Wings Open

Two Scarabs Back View

Two Scarabs Back View

Two Scarabs with Open Wings

Two Scarabs with Wings Up

Each month, as a member of Gale’s Design Team, I make artwork for the Paperwhimsy Inspire Blog. It’s a wonderful collaboration as Gale’s forms are always unique and interesting and they challenge me to try and make something unique and interesting in return.

When I received the curious insects, I searched online for images of scarabs and was taken with the jeweled scarabs I found. They became the inspiration for the beads and beetle wings which adorn these pieces.

At first I only had a vague idea about blinging them out in some way. Usually I glue the fiberboard pieces together and paint them before moving on and adding content. This time I wanted to push the idea of how to put them together as they came with several captivating pieces and I wanted to use them all in a distinctive way. After looking at them and rearranging them for a while, it came to me that it would be fun to hinge the wings so they would move and it was easy going after that.

The wings don’t lie completely flat because of the clock faces underneath, but the peek at what’s inside allows them to reveal part of their secret upfront, which I like about the pieces. While they are delicate, the wings can be moved and repositioned to reveal all.

To see the process photos and read about how I made the scarabs, visit HERE

To purchase the scarabs LUXOR or GIZA, please visit my etsy store HERE.

If you’d like to make your own you can purchase the forms by clicking on the respective photos below.




4 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Scarabs – Luxor and Giza

  1. Theresa, your art is always awesome and amazing and your scarabs are no exception!! “)

  2. These are so exquisite, Theresa.

  3. front and back
    inside and out
    Fabulous creations dear Theresa!!!

  4. very mystical and magical gems Theresa!!

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