theresa mARTin

mixed media art

A mixture of recent artwork



A heart with some French Knots and Poetry.

Heart with French Knots

Heart by theresa mARTin


Detail of the Heart.

This is a 6″ x 6″ piece of embroidery on cloth using French Knots in the motif of the Heart.


Detail of a collage. This part is a transfer using TAP.


For this piece I made a collage in Photoshop and printed it out onto Lesley Riley’s TAP (Transer Artist Paper). This became the centerpiece for a collage made with paper, thread and cloth.

theresamARTinPortraitThis is a self portrait made for the Needle Thread Cloth blog. The blog was a year long challenge exercise that ended in May 2014 with the portrait challenge. While there will be no more new challenges, anyone is welcome to follow any of the challenges and email a photo to me. I will continue to post any new work sent in. You can find the challenges HERE. Mail your photos to:



5 thoughts on “A mixture of recent artwork

  1. Gorgeous artwork. I adore the heart with the French knots. Tracy x

  2. luverly combo of words and embroidery:) Linda

  3. I’m with tracy745! those French Knots are so delicate and lovely! Your selfie is pretty awesome too!

  4. The French knots are exquisite and the colours are positively dreamy. I found myself transfixed by those knots.
    The collage printed onto TAP is absorbing and the self-portrait if brimming over with incredible textures.

  5. loving the heart! very beautiful … 🙂

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