theresa mARTin

mixed media art

Starry Night and Divided




Starry Night

10″ x 14″ Mixed Media. Hand dyed fabric and lace, hematite stars, embroidery and paper.



Divided mARTin

6″ x 6″ Mixed Media. Embroidery on hand dyed velvet, glass beads and hematite stars, mica.


6 thoughts on “Starry Night and Divided

  1. Theresa, these are both so beautiful, the imagery and details are fabulous!

  2. Love ‘Divided’! Are these for sale?

  3. glorious works of art Theresa!!

  4. Beautiful! I love the textural quality of them.

  5. Theresa, as always, your textile pieces are absolutely fabulous!!Love them both!!

  6. I love mixed media and I find your work awesome. Congratulations for these gorgeous creations.

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