theresa mARTin

mixed media art

The Alice in Wonderland “Chopped” Challenge



Martin MorsAlice Challenge

John Mors and I have each created an art piece based on “Alice In
Wonderland” in response to a CHOPPED style challenge that we gave to ourselves.

CHOPPED is a great show  on The Food Network where chefs are given three to
five of the same ingredients and are expected to feature them in a meal.

Our same ‘ingredients’ were an odd shaped cigar box, a wine box, a vintage
photo that reminded us of Alice and a small rabbit.

We present our chopped meal to whet your appetite for our show at Glenview
Mansion Gallery in November of 2016.

I’m not telling you which is mine and which is John’s. I’m leaving that for
you to guess.  If you know our work, it’s probably not too hard.  Let me
know in the comments what you’ve decided.

Martin Mors Alice Challenge


Martin Mors Alice Challenge








2 thoughts on “The Alice in Wonderland “Chopped” Challenge

  1. Blue sky and clock faces… Definitely yours.
    Sparse and architectural… The Aussie guy.

  2. You have me stumped Theresa and I thought I kind of knew your work.
    I think the key in the glass is yours?

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