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More Dyeing in the summertime



I use the book Color by Accident as a guide for dyeing in mason jars in the summer time. I was introduced to this by Judy Gula at Artistic Artifacts who regularly has Dye Days at her place.  I prefer to dye at her warehouse (big space!) but sometimes I dye at home on my own. Taking advantage of the heat we’re having, which helps set the color, I have dyed some fabrics and tea bag papers. Like the name of the book implies, the results one gets are not repeatable because it doesn’t require a scientific, exact approach. It’s just right for me, and I always get results that are varied and pretty. Different textures and fabric types make for some neat surprises.



















4 thoughts on “More Dyeing in the summertime

  1. Wonderful collection of colours and textures.

  2. I love all your fabrics and the colors are amazing!! Can you please share with me what fabrics and dyes you used and where to get some??!! I have dyed a lot of wool in my time using canning jars etc in my hot car in the summer but not any other fabrics! I would love to try this!! thanks so much!!! Hugs Linda

    • Linda, Thanks for your comment. I use Procion Fiber Reactive dyes. Artistic Artifacts carries them but if you’re not local, one online place you can get them is here:

      The dyes are for cotton, rayons, linens, silk and plant based fibers. The website has a lot of info on what dyes to use with specific fabrics. They also explain that you need Urea and Soda ash to use with them. The book I mentioned in the post is a great guide for the specific how to.

      The tea bags are saved and emptied from daily tea drinking. The other fabrics are things like silk organza, chenille, and other cotton fabrics like old linens that I save for the dye sessions. Dharma has a lot of fabric for dyeing but I mostly get them by saving old clothes, or from the fabric store.

  3. oh my what a gorgeous plethora of dyed fabrics to art with!!

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