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Lover’s Eye Token Class at Artistic Artifacts




Student Work

All the photos here are from the February 4th Lover’s Eye Token class held at Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria, VA.

It was a large class with 14 persons and the results are spectacular, don’t you agree?


Group shot of student work, some still in process.

Thank you to the wonderful staff at Artistic Artifacts and to all the students who came and made it an exciting day.
Thanks too to for the beautiful forms and eye collage sheet.


Work in process.


Student Work


Student Work – This is a small brooch made quickly using a found pin back form.


Student Work

8 thoughts on “Lover’s Eye Token Class at Artistic Artifacts

  1. Really stunning work under your artful tutelage Theresa!
    Each one is a treasure.
    Happy February ♥

  2. Lovely! I bet it was so much fun to teach this class!

  3. they are all just gorgeous, and with an artist like yourself teaching the class it’s no wonder!

  4. Mine is the very incomplete one in the photo…I’ve had fun adding to it since and will share a finished image soon. Making the decision between all the beautiful paperwhimsy shapes and the gorgeous eye collages was difficult! It was inspiring to see how different even the same shape and eye could be with the choices of the beautiful beads and embellishments Theresa provided, and she offered great advice to all!

  5. OMGosh Theresa I so wish I lived closer! I surely would have joined in on this class! Such beautiful pieces from your students- of course their teacher is full of creativeness to teach and inspiration to share!

  6. Will you be giving another class?

  7. You’ve created such whimsical and sensual offerings with your students, So inspiring!

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