theresa mARTin

mixed media art

Gel Pen Lover’s Eye Token


One more idea to explore during the
Illuminated Letter Workshop at Artistic Artifacts
April 13, 2017

Lover’s eye from


6 thoughts on “Gel Pen Lover’s Eye Token

  1. Theresa, this is just stunning (as usual)!

  2. your pen art is absolutely beautiful Theresa.

  3. This is gorgeous! Unfortunately, i can’t be there tomorrow; I’m having lunch with my Dad’s cousin. This came up quickly. Hopefully, I can catch the next lesson!!

    Xo, Kathie

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  4. I hate that I missed this class!!! I thought today was the day my Dad’s cousin was coming into town. Eric took 1/2 the day off and we were headed up 95 only to realize that it’s next week!! I totally could have come. Damn!!!! Was this the only day that it was offered? The upside was Eric and I had a nice lunch and couple time in Occoquan.

    Xo, Kathie

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  5. Theresa, absolutely stunning penwork! You must have quite the steady hand to achieve such perfect results!
    Happy Easter,my friend!
    Jackie xx

  6. Love the magic you continue to create with your gel pens Theresa!
    Beautiful and mysterious ♥ oxo

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