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mixed media art

Love Token Class Number 3


Here’s an assortment of photos from the third Eye Token Class held at Artistic Artifacts. There are some in process photos as well as photos of some of the finished pieces. A grand time was had by all. I loved watching everyone work and isn’t their work beautiful?

If you want to make your own, you can get the token forms here at

If you want to take the class, we’ll be having it again in Spring at Artistic Artifacts, Alexandria, VA.

6 thoughts on “Love Token Class Number 3

  1. Wonderful, beautiful, inspiring!

  2. Gorgeousness!!!! Whereever do you find those long beads???
    Love everyone’s pieces! Well done!
    Jackie “)

  3. As always, amazing pieces. It’s so interesting to see how your students begin with similar materials, but each finished token is a beautiful one of a kind piece of art!

  4. This is just so amazingly cool, Tea. It’s wonderful to see such beautiful works and that your class is such an amazing success!

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