theresa mARTin

mixed media art

3 thoughts on “Circus Performer Paper Dolls and a Paper Doll Workshop

  1. Theresa, these are marvelous! Is she a bubble dancer, or a bubble balancer?!
    Her skirt is fab – is that design in the paper, or did you attach strands of rhinestones?!
    I do wish I could take your class!

    • Thanks Tristan. One is a bubble dancer and the other is a bubble balancer haha. I just tried to make them fancy.

      There was a pattern of lines in the paper where I glued on rhinestones.

      I almost put a shout out to you in the post -that I remembered to say where the class was. Wish I had now that I know you read it right away.


  2. As always Theresa,
    you create the most entertaining dolls! Your Dancer and Balancer are delightful as well as beautiful! I do love their faces and the headdres they each wear. And the rhinestones were a perfect amount of bling to make them Fancy Dancers/Balancers! LOL
    I also so wish I could take your class! Someday…you are on my bucket list!
    Have fun and thank you for being such a fab player in the doll house! xx

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