theresa mARTin

mixed media art

9 thoughts on “Along the silk road

  1. O.M.G., Theresa! These are luscious and stunning and positively marvelous! How big are they? Are you using Angelina fibers or fusible webbing? Or … what?!
    I ADORE these!

    • Hi Tristan, thanks! You always ask the good questions when I’ve failed to include information! They range from the smallest being around 4” x 6” to the largest being around 8” x 12”

      I’m using Angelina fibers, sequins and glitter for the sparkle. It’s all held together with textile medium.

  2. I like the colors.

  3. Oh my, these are breathtaking Theresa!!!

  4. Lucky enough to see these in person and they are incredible! Theresa takes amazing photographs, to be sure, but to see and feel the texture … words fail me.

  5. Theresa, these silk pieces are beyond the moon gorgeous! You did an excellent job with the sun catching the shimmer and sparkle which just adds more and more excitement to these pieces!
    I just love them!
    and yes…what are you to do with these? inquiring minds want to know!
    Jackie xx

  6. Hi Theresa
    I hope you have been welll.
    These are fantastic. I want to include them in the fiber embroidery collages you taught. I hope you will teach a class on this. I look forward to seeing you soon. I plan on taking the October class.

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