theresa mARTin

mixed media art

Experimental bag with dyed fabric and silk collage


Front of bag

2018 has been my summer of using the materials I’ve been making and this bag is a fusion of some of the hand dyed fabric and silk papers.  I call it experimental because I want to see how the silk paper holds up on the bag before I offer this type of work for sale.  So far it’s holding up well for light everyday use.  The bag is  6.5″ x 11″ and the handle is some of the ribbon I’ve been dying.  This was the first time I used gunmetal grey in the dyes. Many of the pieces came out with an interesting camouflage look.

Close up of the front of the bag

Back of the bag

Close up of the back of the bag

3 thoughts on “Experimental bag with dyed fabric and silk collage

  1. This is exquisite Theresa!! Omgosh I am really thinking I need to find way to get to Va. for a class or two by you! Or at least to play art with you! lol
    Your artwork is like no other and that’s why it is ever so appealing to me! I am in awe!
    Jackie xo

  2. it’s lovely Theresa, and I am really liking the gunmetal grey as a neutral!

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