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Theresa Martin’s return to Etsy


After a very long hiatus I have returned to selling on Etsy.

There is one item for sale at the moment and my listings will likely be infrequent. I am selling one of the three 3″ x 4″ 130 page black books I completed this year.  I will be selling the others in Alexandria VA in November at the Artistic Artifacts yearly Hand Made Market. The Market is normally the only time and place of the year I sell my work.  Since many of my readers will not be able to attend, I wanted to give you the opportunity to purchase one of the books online.  If the book has not sold by November 1 it will be removed from Etsy to also be available at the Alexandria Market.

Since there are SO many more pages than I can show on Etsy I’m including a few more photos here. This book was made over the course of several months, a labor of love, a meditation for me.  I am happy to pass it on to share with you.

Thanks for your interest in my work!

Etsy listing HERE

6 thoughts on “Theresa Martin’s return to Etsy

  1. Wow, this sold within minutes of putting up the listing. Thanks so much!

  2. Well darn, didn’t read that email fast enough! It’s gone :- (

  3. Lovely, as your work usually is. Sorry I wasn’t quicker to see this. Would like to maybe try making my own. Wish I lived nearer you so I could take your classes or see you at the market! Cheers!

  4. wow Theresa- this is so beautiful and the patterns are just amazing- what fabulous papers and fabric s they’d make!

  5. Yay!! I am off to visit your shop! WOO HOO!
    Jackie xo

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