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Paper Doll Class – Great Results


I grabbed some quick photos of the students work and work tables from the great paper doll class we had last month at Artistic Artifacts. The class went by so fast and it was a blast. Thanks to everyone who signed up. My next class in Alexandria VA is in December. To read about it and sign up go HERE.

The beautiful faces are from

I’d be grateful if you’d check out my Etsy shop.  It’s HERE

5 thoughts on “Paper Doll Class – Great Results

  1. Oh my these are adorable ,thanks for the show and tell

  2. I just LOVE the shoe “pocket” idea for the doll. This is a clever idea – in ‘miniature’ what terrific greeting cards they would make! I *do* wish you would be hired to give a workshop in a craft shop around here – I want to take one of your marvelous classes so badly!
    Thanks for sharing the students’ work!

  3. these are all so very beautiful and creative. You are such a wonderful teacher and artist Theresa. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Theresa, Looks like the class was a fun success…thanks for posting these! Lovely! Karen

    Karen Chin Artist

    Cellphone: 571-235-8071

  5. Your students took the concept and pushed it in such imaginative ways — these are all so beautiful!

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