theresa mARTin

mixed media art

Bird beauty and 15FOR15 sale




All bird photos are from my yard.


Two Crows on Sculpture


Woodpecker on Telephone Pole


Woodpecker on Telephone Pole


Woodpecker on Telephone Pole

IMG_8812 copy

Mockingbird on Sculpture

IMG_8781 copy

Mourning Dove on Roof



Newest item in the shop – Eye Contact Fiber Art
Sale Ends Dec 30  Coupon for 15% off in my Etsy shop is 15FOR15 HERE






2 thoughts on “Bird beauty and 15FOR15 sale

  1. beautiful photographs of the birds Theresa!

  2. Wow You have had some great visitors to your yard! That Red Bellied sure is pretty curious ,the way he looks around! I am envious of your Mockingbird 😦 Since we moved out here we have yet to hear one, I miss their fanciful songs!

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