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I See September 28, 2021

Process of working on beaded eye.

I’ve been experiencing difficulty with my vision for years. I am now working on a series called “I SEE” to prove to myself that “I See”. I’m focusing on artwork with images of eyes. Pun Intended.

Beads on the loom
Removing bead work from the loom
Pattern for beaded eye
Process photo of working with a pattern for the Anatomy Eye Bead piece.

The small bead pieces will be incorporated into mixed media sculpture.


Two weavings

4″ x 7″ small weaving on felt
3″ x 7″ small weaving on felt

“What are you up to today?” friends often ask.  I usually respond “not much”, or “nothing new” or “groundhog day”.  For some odd reason, it feels like nothing. But it’s the tick tick tick of moments, a stitch by stitch process, a needle by needle momentum.  This small purple piece was begun as my mother was dying. It was a tick, tick, of a heart. It was finished after she died. After her last tick. Tick. Tick. Time. Passing. Passing. Gone.


Stitch Rain and Dreaming That All Shall Be Well

I started a series of small fiber collages on the Solstice. Two are now available in my Etsy Shop.

Dreaming All Shall Be Well:Available HERE

Stitch Rain: Available HERE

These small collages are stitched on top of my handmade felt. On Stitch Rain I love the way the stitches look like rain watering the flower. Dreaming that All Shall Be Well feels appropriate for Covid Times.