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Bird beauty and 15FOR15 sale



All bird photos are from my yard.


Two Crows on Sculpture


Woodpecker on Telephone Pole


Woodpecker on Telephone Pole


Woodpecker on Telephone Pole

IMG_8812 copy

Mockingbird on Sculpture

IMG_8781 copy

Mourning Dove on Roof



Newest item in the shop – Eye Contact Fiber Art
Sale Ends Dec 30  Coupon for 15% off in my Etsy shop is 15FOR15 HERE







Joan’s Journey and her handmade dolls

Back View of the Multicolored jacket with orange shirt underneath.

Recently, my Mother-in-law, Joan (I won the lottery for great Mothers-in- law) visited from Australia. She’s cough*cough 90, and a veteran traveler who made the trip solo from down under. She is an established and award winning Australian artist represented in collections throughout Australia and internationally.

Her original trip a year ago was delayed by a head-on car collision. She was a passenger in a car when she saw another car coming from the opposite direction drifting into their lane. The other driver had fallen asleep. As these things sometimes go, the driver who caused the accident wasn’t hurt at all. My Mother-in-law and her driver had to be cut out of the car. Joan suffered 11 broken ribs and a fractured sternum. Her driver also had a fractured sternum. The car was totaled. Several difficult months of healing later, Joan rescheduled her trip to the USA.

Joan, in addition to being an accomplished artist, is a character herself. In one adventure we had, she dressed in pink pants with a multicolored orange, pink, blue, and black jacket. She looked fabulous. But, you haven’t lived until you walk into a Victoria’s Secret with a 90 year old woman who proceeds to buy all her friends and family the most beautiful “knickers” she could find.

One of her many artistic talents is doll making and at my request she sent several of them to me to put up for sale in the USA. I call them character dolls because they have expressive character and some of them are fairy tale dolls.

Please enjoy the photos of her dolls. If you wish, you can find them in my ETSY shop.

Gorgeous red head with an expressive hand painted face and a multi colored, magical dress.

Beautiful Goldilocks in a purple fairy dress.

Little Red Riding Hood.

Peasant Doll

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Mixed Media Ornaments Class December 14, 2019 Alexandria VA

Group photo of student work – ornaments approximately 3″ diameter

Mixed Media Ornaments with theresa mARTin $63.00
Saturday, December 14, 2019
10:00 am – 2:30 pm, ½ hour lunch break

All Supplies Provided! Inspired by an Antique Reliquary, theresa mARTin got out her supplies of pearls, rhinestones and beads and set to work to embellish Amazing Alterables™, laser-cut decorative wood fiberboard shapes from PaperWhimsy, approximately 3 inches in size. Enjoy this opportunity to dig into Theresa’s wondrous stash of beads, baubles and trims and craft your own ornaments, perfect as a handmade gift, to keep for your holiday tree, use as a gift package tie-on or even year-round display. Class fee, $48.00 + supply/kit fee of $15, which includes all necessary materials to create two ornaments — decorating both sides gives you even more opportunity to be creative! (Additional ornament bases may be available for purchase directly from the instructor the day of class, depending on the final class size.) Although all supplies are provided, feel free to bring in your own assorted beads, charms and embellishments, even small copies of family photographs so that you can add an even more personal touch to your creations, or match your holiday décor. SIGN UP HERE

Student Work

Student Work

Collating the ornament blanks

Ready to go!

Student Work

Student Work

Group photo of student work

Ornaments by theresa mARTin

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Little black books for sale

During 2019, I completed three little black books of drawings in the Pentallic Travelers sketch books. A total of 130 pages in each book!   It was a year of willing my eyes to focus as I struggled with major vision issues.  My eyes are doing better now and I’ve adapted to a new normal of not seeing as well as I once could.  Hmmm, maybe I’m unselling the books to you by telling you this story.  Really though, the drawings are intricate and inviting.  I drew most days of the year and the books were a meditation or journaling for me.  One has sold, but the remaining two are now on ETSY and I’m ready to send them to you.

A view of several pages from the book KALEIDOSCOPE. To see more or buy the book go HERE


View of several pages from the book FLORA. To see more or buy the book go HERE

There are several small books ready to go to a good home available as well.



Paper Doll Class – Great Results

I grabbed some quick photos of the students work and work tables from the great paper doll class we had last month at Artistic Artifacts. The class went by so fast and it was a blast. Thanks to everyone who signed up. My next class in Alexandria VA is in December. To read about it and sign up go HERE.

The beautiful faces are from

I’d be grateful if you’d check out my Etsy shop.  It’s HERE


Halloween Paper Doll in a Shoe and a Giveaway.


Halloween Paper Doll in a Shoe

Halloween Paper Doll in a Shoe

This Halloween Paper Doll in a Shoe is 9″ tall x 3″ wide. I will give her away to one of the students who takes my Paper Doll in a Shoe class on October 26th at Artistic Artifacts, Alexandria, VA (Sign up is HERE). Everyone else in class will be given one small paper doll in a shoe.

Continuing in the giveaway spirit….

I am giving away three small 2.5″ x 3.5″ paper doll in a shoe artist trading cards, shown below. To throw your name in the hat, please leave a comment on this post. I’ll select three names on October 29th and will get in touch with the winners for their mailing addresses.

If you want some of these small cards now, I have some in my Etsy shop in lots of three for $25.00. HERE



Theresa Martin’s return to Etsy

After a very long hiatus I have returned to selling on Etsy.

There is one item for sale at the moment and my listings will likely be infrequent. I am selling one of the three 3″ x 4″ 130 page black books I completed this year.  I will be selling the others in Alexandria VA in November at the Artistic Artifacts yearly Hand Made Market. The Market is normally the only time and place of the year I sell my work.  Since many of my readers will not be able to attend, I wanted to give you the opportunity to purchase one of the books online.  If the book has not sold by November 1 it will be removed from Etsy to also be available at the Alexandria Market.

Since there are SO many more pages than I can show on Etsy I’m including a few more photos here. This book was made over the course of several months, a labor of love, a meditation for me.  I am happy to pass it on to share with you.

Thanks for your interest in my work!

Etsy listing HERE