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Illuminated Letter Class – June 10, 2017

The second Illuminated Letter class with theresa mARTin will be held at Artistic Artifacts on Saturday, June 10, 2017, 10am to 2:30.  In addition to working on letters, you will receive everything to make the collage in the photo above. Included too, is a small blank book like the ones in the top of the photo.

Sign up is  —> HERE. All materials you will need are included in the price of the class ($68.00). You will leave class with your own custom hand made design perfect to frame, use in book arts or as a greeting card. Join us!


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Illuminated Letter Class Student Work in Process

Student Sue Carroll sent me a photo of her finished piece from last week’s Illuminated Letter Class. I love the direction she took this piece. It’s always exciting to see a group of people start with similar elements and end up with individual and creative work.  The leaves around the cat are beautifully patterned and remind me of Indian print fabric. The drop leaves seem to represent a forest outside the altar or house.  The deep grasses are waving above watery blue which feels like a river. We practiced mark making before the students chose from the several projects offered. Sue cleverly used delicate gold marks to make up the cat’s coat.

The rest of the photos here are works in progress from the class day.

This class will be repeated on Saturday, June 10th at Artistic Artifacts.

The piece above was done with stencils and gel pens.

To the right you can see a work sheet of marks.

A butterfly and an eye token O.

An altar for K

Exploring the letter C

An altar for K in progress
Delicate circles in the border and a gilded halo for the girl.

I’m looking forward to the next class!


April 13: Illuminated Manuscript Letters with theresa mARTin

Artistic Artifacts Class
Thursday April 13th, 2017

Here is one type of Illuminated Manuscript Letter Design that will be made in class.

Designs – This page will be available for students to cut up and use in class along with others. Make your own designs too! I’ll be bringing the Spirograph along.



Manuscript Letter Workshop

The Letter T

The Letter T

Samples here are for an upcoming Manuscript Letter Workshop to be held at Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria, VA. The date is still to be determined, but likely in early April. I will let you know!

The Letter S

The Letter S

O for Oak Leaf

O for Oak Leaf

O for Oak Leaf

O for Oak Leaf

ATC's for Artistic Artifacts JAM meeting

ATC’s for Artistic Artifacts JAM meeting

Hand drawn ATC’s for the next meeting of JAMS at Artistic Artifacts. Below is the sheet from which they came, drawn in the style of the Manuscript Letters.

ATC full sheet before cut up for cards

The ATC’s for Artistic Artifacts JAM meeting began with this sheet which was cut up for the cards.



Lover’s Eye Token Class at Artistic Artifacts



Student Work

All the photos here are from the February 4th Lover’s Eye Token class held at Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria, VA.

It was a large class with 14 persons and the results are spectacular, don’t you agree?


Group shot of student work, some still in process.

Thank you to the wonderful staff at Artistic Artifacts and to all the students who came and made it an exciting day.
Thanks too to for the beautiful forms and eye collage sheet.


Work in process.


Student Work


Student Work – This is a small brooch made quickly using a found pin back form.


Student Work