theresa mARTin

mixed media art



Cover Features

Cover Features

Cover feature of Winter 2010 Sew Somerset Magazine
Cover feature July/Aug 2006 PARIS  Somerset Studio

Digital Inspiration First Edition 2014
Somerset Studio May/June 2011
Somerset Digital Spring 2011
Somerset Studio Gallery Summer 2011
Somerset Apprentice Autumn 2010
Sew Somerset Winter 2011
Summer 2010 Somerset Gallery
June 2009: Premier issue of Art Quilting Studio
Jan/Feb 2009 Somerset Studio
May/June 2008 Somerset Studio
Nov/Dec 2006 Somerset Studio

November 2006 Altered Couture
Summer 2006 Somerset Gallery Issue
May/June 2006 FLIGHTS OF FANCY Reader’s Expression Somerset Studio
Sep/Oct 2005 issue Reader’s Expressions Page 120
Jan/Feb 2005 issue Reader’s Expressions Page 121 Somerset Studio
Jul/Aug 2004 Issue Reader’s Expressions Page 124 Somerset Studio


LK Ludwig’s Collaborative Art Journals and Shared Visions
Lesley Riley’s Create with Artist Transfer Paper and Quotes Illustrated

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