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Metal Madness

theresa mARTin collage


The 4″ x 4″ collage houses were made for the Needle Thread Cloth challenge at my and Jan’s new blog. ¬†Each month we throw out a challenge and display the results. Please visit the site and sign up to follow us if you are interested in embroidery. The challenge this month is House and Couch Stitch. My houses are on paper this time, painted with stencils and Lumiere Metallic Paints. The couching was done with Painter’s Thread Gimp. The challenges can be interpreted widely and it’s a lot of fun.



This group of ATC’s (Artist Trading Cards) was begun in a class taken at Artistic Artifacts given by Diane Hebort. Diane and Artistic Artifacts hosted a trade day where I received some great ATC’s in exchange for mine.

Blue Halloween theresa mARTinBlue Halloween is my July inspire piece for paperwhimsy. I used Inka Gold Cobalt Blue rub on pigment, which I love. You can read more about how I made it HERE.

This is not the end of metal madness. I’m enjoying the blatant shininess of it all.

theresa mARTin Metallic painting