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More Quirky Felt and Silk Paper Pins Available

Lots of new pins listed on ETSY. Click on photos to be whisked to the shop.




Dream Layers Workshop coming in March 2019

Stitched Dream Layers with theresa mARTin at Artistic Artifacts, Alexandria VA
Saturday, March 16, 2019
10:00 am – 3:30 pm, ½ hour lunch break
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Former Dream Layers Student Work

Most Supplies Provided! Enjoy creating a hand stitched meditative collage as theresa shares the secrets behind her Quirky Embroidery artworks. Learn ways to use hand dyed fabrics (including doilies and textured fabrics) to assemble a background collage and simple embroidery stitches and “stitch meditation” style sewing to transform that layered base and a focal image into a fiber work of art. Students will be provided a choice from several images created by theresa mARTin, or if you have created your own digital collages and have an image you’d like to provide, you may email us to make arrangements. If you already know a lot of stitches, wonderful! If you don’t know how to embroider or sew, three simple hand stitches will be taught (basic sewing skills are all that’s needed to do the embroidery/sewing). Your registration fee includes a $10  kit fee, which includes your choice of digital collage art,  a variety of hand dyed fabrics, and trims, regular cotton embroidery threads in a wide range of colors and metallic Japanese threads in many colors.

Student Supplies: please bring a 6-inch diameter embroidery hoop and embroidery needles (Tulip Needles are available for purchase at Artistic Artifacts) with you to class. Optional supplies (no need to purchase if you don’t have): your own hand dyed fabrics, doilies and trims, Tentakulum and/or Wonderfil Specialty Threads and small beads, buttons, charms, etc. that can be sewed onto your mixed media piece. Visit Theresa’s blog to view her Quirky Embroideries for inspiration.

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Dream Layers Class at Artistic Artifacts

Dream layers are embroidery, collage and mixed media all in one.  Thanks to Sharon (misty fuse fun) and the other lovely folks at Artistic Artifacts for a great workshop day. I provided the materials for the DREAM LAYERS class. Everyone worked hard all day and I’m impressed with the progress everyone made in one sitting. I can’t wait to see them all completed.

The next class I’ll be teaching in Alexandria, VA will be on Nov 24 and is titled Mixed Media Ornaments. Find out the details HERE.


Glenview Mansion Art Gallery Opening Photos

Here are some scenes from yesterday’s opening at Glenview Mansion Art Gallery. Thanks to everyone who came out and joined us. We were too busy enjoying the company of friends and family to get many photos of the show, or any of us! It was great fun, and thanks to Julie Farrell, the Director for the thoughtful and creative ways she displayed our work.


Stack of John Mors Sculptures. Loved the way Julie Farrell, the director placed these.

Stack of John Mors Sculptures. Loved the way director, Julie Farrell, placed these.

The Entomologist by theresa mARTin and Red Summer by John Mors

The Entomologist by theresa mARTin and Red Summer by John Mors

Loved how Julie placed these two portraits of my niece and me together without knowing it was a portrait of my niece.

Loved how Julie placed these two portraits of my niece and me together without knowing it was a portrait of my niece.

9 Embroideries by theresa mARTin and Alice Sculpture on the pedastal

9 Embroideries by theresa mARTin and two Alice Sculpture’s on the pedestal, displayed on a lazy Susan. (Only one showing in photo).

Glenview Mansion Art Gallery Opening Day

The hallway and entrance to the galleries.



Three Altered Art Dolls by theresa mARTin

Three Altered Art Dolls by theresa mARTin


Mary Mary

IMG_9427Mary Mary Quite Contrary is a 6″ x 6″ x 2″ mixed media piece.  It’s part of a series of nine that I’m working on for the show at Glenview Art Gallery in Rockville, MD, coming in November.  I began by scanning a photo into Photoshop, then printing it out onto Transfer Artist Paper. I ironed on the transfer to cotton, as you see above.

IMG_9455I drew the square and made an impression of the 2″ deep canvas board to define the edges. I painted the background metallic silver and roughed in the circle guidelines.

FullSizeRenderShe now has a green dress.  The first embellishments sewn on were the silver spikes. I added a row of pale blue Swarovski rhinestones inside the spike circle.


The background has a rice stitch with Japanese silver leaf thread.  The final touch was the teeny tiny pearl necklace. It’s now stretched onto a 6″ x 6″ x 2″ canvas board.



The collection grows.