theresa mARTin

mixed media art


Experimental bag with dyed fabric and silk collage

Front of bag

2018 has been my summer of using the materials I’ve been making and this bag is a fusion of some of the hand dyed fabric and silk papers.  I call it experimental because I want to see how the silk paper holds up on the bag before I offer this type of work for sale.  So far it’s holding up well for light everyday use.  The bag is  6.5″ x 11″ and the handle is some of the ribbon I’ve been dying.  This was the first time I used gunmetal grey in the dyes. Many of the pieces came out with an interesting camouflage look.

Close up of the front of the bag

Back of the bag

Close up of the back of the bag



Digital Collage Artist Trading Cards

Every month there is an ATC (Artist Trading Card 2.5″ x 3.5″) trade at Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria. My offering will be 12 small fabric digital collages. On wispy see through organza I printed out a collage which I placed over hand dyed fabric.  They were then stitched with gold metallic thread.

Soon I will be teaching this technique at Artistic Artifacts. The class will be in two parts, beginning with the digital collage aspect. The second class will cover making a print out and selecting fabric for the design.  Details will be posted here as soon as I have the dates!




On the work table, off the table and under the table.

On the work table now is a piece of free stitching in neutral tones with vintage off white thread and some metallic touches.

Piece In Progress

Piece In Progress

This is what it looks like when I’m working on it up close.


This is what it looks like overall. I will keep adding to this piece and have nowhere in particular that I want to take it. It is a wandering, freeform piece. I like the colors and the density of the stitches.

Piece In Progress

Piece In Progress

This angel is off the table now. It’s the latest piece and you can read more about it here. It’s available on Etsy.

Angel in Gold

Angel in Gold

After working with muted tones, I craved a bit of color. Here is what I’ve gathered for a future piece. I’ve begun some stitching for what will be more of a collage piece than a wandering piece. The fabrics are hand dyed and I am using Painter’s Threads.

Color Way for Piece in Progress

Color Way for Piece in Progress

I spotted him quietly keeping me company under the photography table. He looks like the first neutral toned piece above.

keeping me company