theresa mARTin

mixed media art


Indigo Dye

Experiments with pre-reduced indigo dye.

The best thing about summer is that it’s the ideal time to dye fabric. This was my first time setting up an indigo dye vat.  I love watching the fabric coming out of the vat with it’s strange green tint, then slowing changing into indigo as it hits the air.



Indigo Dye Day


Results of the Indigo Dye Day with Judy Gula of Artistic Artifacts. 

I am happy to have made the last of three indigo dye days Judy held this summer. The photos show the results I got using tea bag papers, which are ethereal yet sturdy enough to take the dye and go through the washing machine to rinse. The next dye day will be in 2018 when the weather warms up and I believe I will go again.  Can’t wait!  Thanks Judy.