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In This House – Inspiration

In This House by Angela Cartwright and Sarah Fishburn available from Amazon.

Once a year during the monthly meeting at Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria, VA, people bring in their favorite books to share and this was my friend Sharon’s contribution. We all love the work of Angela Cartwright and Sarah Fishburn. A challenge was proposed for us to use the book and the template it provides to create our own houses.  The challenge is due in June.  We have discussed making a “fat book” (remember them from the 90″s?).   Each person who makes a book can print out one of their pages several times to combine into one book.  We may simply share what we’ve done in our usual SHOW AND TELL portion of the meeting.  I enjoyed working on mine and look forward to seeing what others make. How I made the book is at the bottom of this post.

I cut out the shaped pages from 90 lb Arches Hot Press watercolor paper and painted them with ink. Next step was gelli printing, followed by spray painting with stencils. Images, some printed on transparencies, and collage papers finished the process.  I bound the pages with eyelets and ribbons. Voilà! While that voilà expresses that I am satisfied with the project, it did take several days and sometimes it fought me.  It took several hours a day over a week of time.  Thanks for looking.


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Little black books for sale

During 2019, I completed three little black books of drawings in the Pentallic Travelers sketch books. A total of 130 pages in each book!   It was a year of willing my eyes to focus as I struggled with major vision issues.  My eyes are doing better now and I’ve adapted to a new normal of not seeing as well as I once could.  Hmmm, maybe I’m unselling the books to you by telling you this story.  Really though, the drawings are intricate and inviting.  I drew most days of the year and the books were a meditation or journaling for me.  One has sold, but the remaining two are now on ETSY and I’m ready to send them to you.

A view of several pages from the book KALEIDOSCOPE. To see more or buy the book go HERE


View of several pages from the book FLORA. To see more or buy the book go HERE

There are several small books ready to go to a good home available as well.