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An Adventure in Handmade Silk Paper


A few years ago I started collecting silk roving with no particular project in mind.  I came across a tutorial on Judy Gula’s blog here. and decided to give silk paper making a try.  Well, I have a LOT of roving, so lots of photos follow.

I collect materials that will likely end up in a project one day but there’s not always a plan. A lot of these materials have been waiting to come together in some way. I used silk roving, art yarn, Angelina fibers, Japanese metallic threads, paper, sequins, silk carrier rods, hat veils and glitter.

The “paper” is somewhat stiff, but is flexible like fiber.  Some are more paper like but most feel like soft textiles. Originally I thought of them as paper that would later be embellished with embroidery and other collage elements. As I made more they became collages in and of themselves.



You made it to the end!  Here’s a bonus.  This is a LINK to a lovely Etsy shop where you can find Art Yarn Fiber Bundles.  Here’s a LINK to the silk roving section of Judy Gula’s website.



Indigo Dye Day


Results of the Indigo Dye Day with Judy Gula of Artistic Artifacts. 

I am happy to have made the last of three indigo dye days Judy held this summer. The photos show the results I got using tea bag papers, which are ethereal yet sturdy enough to take the dye and go through the washing machine to rinse. The next dye day will be in 2018 when the weather warms up and I believe I will go again.  Can’t wait!  Thanks Judy.


Dye Day at Artistic Artifacts


A couple of times a year Judy Gula of Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria VA holds a Dye Day Class. It’s 3 hours of fun. For a small fee for the class, Judy provides a great space to work, the dye and chemicals AND she mixes the dye for you.  I highly recommend it.  Her shop is special too, and she carries a wide selection of gorgeous wooden printing blocks that are also available online.  I’m not affiliated with the shop in any way other than to be a big fan of Judy and Sharon who run the place with heart.

For now, the dyed fabric is percolating in the warm sun for a day or two. I’ll show you the results when it’s all done.