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Love Token Class Number 3

Here’s an assortment of photos from the third Eye Token Class held at Artistic Artifacts. There are some in process photos as well as photos of some of the finished pieces. A grand time was had by all. I loved watching everyone work and isn’t their work beautiful?

If you want to make your own, you can get the token forms here at

If you want to take the class, we’ll be having it again in Spring at Artistic Artifacts, Alexandria, VA.

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Lover’s Eye Token Class Coming in February

artistic artifacts

The sample board for all the upcoming classes at Artistic Artifacts.

I’m happy to have a class scheduled for early next year at Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria VA. All materials will be included in the class.

Here’s the link for sign up for the February 4th 2017 Lover’s Eye Token class¬†¬† HERE

The link to a page of eye tokens I’ve made is HERE and the link to my pinterest collection of historical eye tokens is HERE.