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Paper Doll Class – Great Results

I grabbed some quick photos of the students work and work tables from the great paper doll class we had last month at Artistic Artifacts. The class went by so fast and it was a blast. Thanks to everyone who signed up. My next class in Alexandria VA is in December. To read about it and sign up go HERE.

The beautiful faces are from

I’d be grateful if you’d check out my Etsy shop.  It’s HERE


Paper doll in a shoe ATCs and upcoming class

Every month there is a meeting at Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria VA called JAMs. If you would like to attend the info is here. My cards for this month’s exchange are small paper dolls in a shoe advertising my upcoming class.

mARTin ATC paperdoll

ATCs Artist Trading Cards 2.5″ x 3.5″

mARTin ATC paperdoll

The class info and more photos are below. Hope to see you at JAMs and at the class!

What & Who: Paper Doll in a Shoe Pocket with theresa mARTin
When: Saturday, October 26, 2019
10:00 am – 2:30 pm, ½ hour lunch break
Where: Artistic Artifacts, Alexandria, VA

All Supplies Provided! Originating as an inexpensive toy, paper dolls have evolved into an art form. Join acclaimed mixed media artist theresa mARTin and create one of a kind mixed media paper dolls using paper, fabric, ribbons, fibers, collage sheets and much more. In addition to the embellishments, students will be provided with paper doll forms made exclusively for theresa and this class by! Plus, theresa has been granted the use of PaperWhimsy’s shoe form to make cozy homes for the dolls — or to use alone as beautiful keepsakes! Your inspiration can be anything from a classic fairy tale to a traditional form of a fashion doll with a change of dresses (or in the case of the pictured mermaid, a change of tails)! Celebrate Halloween with a witch or a different costumes. Your workshop fee includes $12.00 complete kit fee. Note: Although supplies are provided, feel free to bring in extra items from your own stash to supplement or to add an even more personal touch.

Sign up HERE

mARTin ATC paperdoll

mARTin ATC paperdoll

mARTin ATC paperdoll

mARTin ATC paperdoll

mARTin ATC paperdoll

mARTin ATC paperdoll


Hi Sailor!

Today’s photos are from the Artistic Artifacts Paper Doll in a Shoe Workshop. The images we used are from Dover Publications and Paperwhimsy. The papers and mixed media elements are shared from my studio.

Every now and then a class feels magical. This was one of those times.

Paperwhimsy’s  images always bring the magic to the day.

Talented, friendly, funny (Hi Sailor) artists add to the charm.

Feeling like kids playing is ridiculous fun.

My next scheduled workshop for Artistic Artifacts, Alexandria VA is Noir Magic on October 6, 2018


First in a paper doll swap

Here you see my first offering for a trade hosted by fellow blogger Jackie P Neal. The paper doll will be traveling to the UK soon.  The first swap was artist’s choice; in future themes will be assigned.  It’s been a while since I’ve done this type of thing. Before Facebook swallowed everyone, lots of artists did swaps and trades and group books. I’ve missed it. Thanks Jackie, for hosting.