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Metamorphosis Exhibition at Del Ray Artisans

Detail of Growing Up

Detail of Growing Up

Growing Up

Growing Up

The process for both pieces is the same. First, a digital collage is made and printed out onto Transfer Artist Paper (TAP). It is then ironed onto fabric. From there, I embroider over the collage and add beads, ribbon, or wire mesh depending on the texture desired.  These two pieces were stretched onto canvas stretcher bars, stapled down and framed with simple black frames. Growing Up is 8″ x 14″ inches. Little Flower is 9″ x 24″.

They are on exhibit in Alexandria, VA until November 2 in a show titled Metamorphosis.

Del Ray Artisans: View the art exhibit from October 3 through November 2, 2014 during gallery hours: Thursdays 12-6pm, Fridays & Saturdays 12-9pm, and Sundays 12-6pm. The gallery is free, open to the public and handicap accessible.


Little Flower

Little Flower

Little Flower

Little Flower





Quirky Embroidery Revisited



Digital Collage

I’m still playing around with Quirky Embroidery pieces. These are 8″ x 10″ embroidered pieces that are based on digital collages. The works are small and I’ve been toying with the idea  of making them into one or two large pieces. Here I’m placing them against a black back drop to see how they look. First I tried a white background, but the black makes the images pop in a dramatic way. Every time I lay them out together, I think I need two more pieces, or three more pieces so you see the way it’s going. I may not combine them for a long time until I’m amassed a greater collection of them. I may put them on a black background as individual pieces. I’m not sure. What do you think? Sometimes I question if I should even keep going with these, but I do.  

panel2theresamartin paneltheresamartintheresamartinpanel theresamARTinEmbroidery


Royal Purple for Artistic Artifacts Metallic Challenge is Up for Auction Soon

theresa mARTin RoyalPurple

Royal Purple is a mixed media 8″ x 10″ piece by theresa mARTin

There will be an opening reception at Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria, Virginia on Saturday, January 18th and a closing reception on Saturday February 8th. Specific times to be announced.  The Royal Purple piece has been donated for the auction to benefit Food for Others. The silent auction will be finalized and closed on February 8th. A large number of participants have generously donated their work! This will be a wonderful opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind artwork — please help us spread the word!


Just Finished – A Paperwhimsy piece and a Quirky Embroidery piece.

theresa mARTin Sweet Angel Face

This is the latest piece and is available on Etsy


Quirky Man Embroidery

This is the latest Quirky Embroidery piece. Gold, blue and black are the colors of the moment.  I’ve added paper and rhinestones to the embroidery. I’m thinking about pushing the quirky pieces more towards the mixed media pieces I love, like the paperwhimsy piece above. A combination of the two may be in the future.