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Signs of obsession – three new needlefelt pieces.

"913" Detail

Detail of 913

"913"  6" x 26"

913 6″ x 26″

One definition of obsession is consuming passion and it takes that kind of passion to hand needle felt large sections of felt “cloth”. I find the process meditative and enjoyable.

All three new pieces featured here have large hand felted backgrounds with hand embroidery, beading and iron on transfers.

Star Halo

Detail of Star Halo The round dark circle at the lower right is my camera lens which unfotunatley shows up on the mirrored surface.

Star Halo has a needle felted background with an iron on transfer. I used Lesley Riley’s Transfer Artist Papers (TAP) which worked beautifully to make the transfer onto the wool felt. Beads and hematite stars make up the halo. The base, an old beat up tin tile, came from a salvage building material supply place. The tile has thick silver paint which is rubbed off in areas and it inspired the idea of the rubbed and scratched mirror. The blue vintage hand pull was colored with Swellegant, which is a dye oxide for making a patina on metal.

Star Halo

Star Halo 9″ x 14″

"915"  15" x 23"

915 15″ x 23″  915 has a bit of a starry night swirl thing going on.


Detail of "915"

Detail of 915 The iron on transfer on the wool felt leaves some areas looking rubbed away, which gives the photo a feeling of being gently time worn.

The needle felting is done with a large Clover Mat brush and a five needle pen style tool. Here is a short video to show the process of needle felting which will you give you an idea of the “obsession” needed to make these larger pieces.

This video shows a man making beads instead of cloth, but the process is demonstrated very well in the video.

What is your obsession? What do you find meditative and enjoyable?


Process For Little Red Riding Hood’s Beaded Wolf


Beaded Wolf progress

First day’s progress on the loom

Beaded Wolf progress

Beaded Wolf second day’s progress


Beaded wolf

Finished piece is 3.5″ x 3.5″

This was an ambitious piece for a loom beginner and I learned a lot about how to make the next piece better.  The beads are 46″ across by 46″ tall so it comes to 2116 tiny Delica beads.  The spacing isn’t as tight as I’d like, but I can adjust the way I worked on the loom for the next time. Being a fan of showing the artist’s hand in artwork I like it despite the imperfections, and will most likely use it in the Little Red Riding Hood piece I have in mind. It will be a small portion of a bigger piece.

Embroidery of Little Red Riding Hood

Embroidery of Little Red Riding Hood to go with the wolf

I’ve been planning to have the wolf to the left of Little Red, looking at her but I don’t have a clear answer in my mind as to how they will go together yet. This piece may need to sit a little while until it’s completely solved.  Thanks for coming along for the ride.




Struggling with a Wolf

Wolf pattern

Struggling with a Wolf; the Evolution of a Pattern.


I have been struggling with a wolf. A wolf pattern, that is, for a Little Red Riding Hood Icon piece.  The first group of patterns I came up with were like the ones above. The plan is to do the beadwork on a loom. I worked and reworked the forms in an online bead pattern generator until I came up with the above, fairly decent image. It took a lot of work to get the bead width to 45 beads, which is daunting enough. It didn’t excite me enough, however, to make the commitment to all that beadwork.

Wolf Pattern

Super detail

I found another bead generator online called Patterns for you and came up with a much more detailed version that I like a lot. BUT it has 100 x 100 rows of beads (for 10,0000 beads), much too complex for my small bead loom!

I decided to go back to an earlier idea of having just the wolf’s head in an outlined square and it has kept all the detail, focuses more on the BIG TEETH and this is the one with which I’ll move forward. The evolution that came from the struggle was worth it, don’t you agree?

It’s still an ambitious pattern and in the end this will be a small portion of a 12″ x 12″ canvas that will include an embroidered Little Red Riding Hood figure. The bead count for the Big Bad Wolf will be 2116, which will keep me busy for a while.  I’ll show you progress as it happens.




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