theresa mARTin

mixed media art

Student work from Illuminated Manuscript Letter Class


My students excel beyond anything I can teach them. I give them some pens and black paper and try to give a way to start out slowly. Then they jump into the deep end on their own with joy and create beautiful work.  It always astounds me.

I need to come up with a different name for the class in the future because it’s never strictly Illuminated Letters.  Any ideas for a new class name welcomed.

Showing here many process shots and having the hope that my students will send me photos when they finish at home.


Thanks to Artistic Artifacts for the wonderful art community.



5 thoughts on “Student work from Illuminated Manuscript Letter Class

  1. I suggest “Noir Magic: Lettering, Flora and Fauna with theresa mARTin” … because the results of this class seem a sort of black magic! No matter who the artist is or what form they choose to explore, the pieces are always gorgeous, full of depth and emotion.

  2. wow these are all just stunning and so impressive. Thanks for sharing them Theresa. Kudos to you for another fine class!

  3. Wow Theresa !
    I have to say the teacher is the inspiring force here! Your students have taken well to what you have taught them- stunning work indeed!!
    Thank you so much for my mail gift! I hadn’t forgotten, life has just gotten in the way! I adore it and it will be hung in a special place of honor! “)
    hope your weekend is beautiful!
    hugs,Jackie xx

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