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Joan’s Journey and her handmade dolls


Back View of the Multicolored jacket with orange shirt underneath.

Recently, my Mother-in-law, Joan (I won the lottery for great Mothers-in- law) visited from Australia. She’s cough*cough 90, and a veteran traveler who made the trip solo from down under. She is an established and award winning Australian artist represented in collections throughout Australia and internationally.

Her original trip a year ago was delayed by a head-on car collision. She was a passenger in a car when she saw another car coming from the opposite direction drifting into their lane. The other driver had fallen asleep. As these things sometimes go, the driver who caused the accident wasn’t hurt at all. My Mother-in-law and her driver had to be cut out of the car. Joan suffered 11 broken ribs and a fractured sternum. Her driver also had a fractured sternum. The car was totaled. Several difficult months of healing later, Joan rescheduled her trip to the USA.

Joan, in addition to being an accomplished artist, is a character herself. In one adventure we had, she dressed in pink pants with a multicolored orange, pink, blue, and black jacket. She looked fabulous. But, you haven’t lived until you walk into a Victoria’s Secret with a 90 year old woman who proceeds to buy all her friends and family the most beautiful “knickers” she could find.

One of her many artistic talents is doll making and at my request she sent several of them to me to put up for sale in the USA. I call them character dolls because they have expressive character and some of them are fairy tale dolls.

Please enjoy the photos of her dolls. If you wish, you can find them in my ETSY shop.

Gorgeous red head with an expressive hand painted face and a multi colored, magical dress.

Beautiful Goldilocks in a purple fairy dress.

Little Red Riding Hood.

Peasant Doll

4 thoughts on “Joan’s Journey and her handmade dolls

  1. Can I buy your mother in law? she sounds fabulous! love her dolls. Glad to hear she is recovering and was able to visit you! Happy Holidays Theresa!

  2. Oh how beautiful to hear of your mother in law and your loving relationship. She sounds like such a really lovely, fun lady to be around that’s for certain. So sorry about that horrid accident but glad she’s recuperated and has been able to visit you. I love the gorgeous dolls and can just imagine all the other art she has created. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’ve been lucky enough to meet Joan on her visits, and with this last one, to see her dolls in person. What a harrowing ordeal she went through with the accident! We can all only hope to “grow up” with her strength and spirit.

  4. Fashionista peasant!

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