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Dream Layers Class at Artistic Artifacts


Dream layers are embroidery, collage and mixed media all in one.  Thanks to Sharon (misty fuse fun) and the other lovely folks at Artistic Artifacts for a great workshop day. I provided the materials for the DREAM LAYERS class. Everyone worked hard all day and I’m impressed with the progress everyone made in one sitting. I can’t wait to see them all completed.

The next class I’ll be teaching in Alexandria, VA will be on Nov 24 and is titled Mixed Media Ornaments. Find out the details HERE.


5 thoughts on “Dream Layers Class at Artistic Artifacts

  1. Thank you Theresa – for sharing what is in that very creative mind of yours!! And for sharing all your precious materials. It was such an enjoyable class! Everyone’s design looked amazing. The “take away” tip was my aha moment!!!

  2. Thanks for a great day and shepherding us so wonderfully through the design process.

  3. One of the best aspects of Theresa’s classes are being able to enjoy what everyone else is doing. While making your own fabric/color/theme decisions is difficult (at least for me!) you can live vicariously through the other students’ projects — everyone was doing such beautiful work, and in such different ways. All dreamy, of course! Thank you for being so generous with your amazing stash of materials, and even more so, being willing to share your digital collages with us to use as focal points. Gorgeous!

  4. what a wonderful looking class Theresa. The projects are just gorgeous!

  5. Theresa, these are wonderful pieces by your students!I really do love the layering and the reveal of the elements underneath- so clever!
    How was your Christmas bazaar? Did yo sell out of those purses? Mine is still holding up extremely well! and I get compliments always!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you
    Jackie xo

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