theresa mARTin

mixed media art

Paperwhimsy Glove Reliquaries


Glove Reliquaries

Glove Reliquaries

Fortune - Glove Reliquary

Fortune – Glove Reliquary

 Fortune Detail

Fortune Detail

To read about the method of making the Glove Reliquaries, please visit the inspire blog post at There will be another $25.00 paperwhimsy gift certificate giveaway coming up later this week along with a chance to win coupons and collages so be sure to watch for the post and giveaway details.

4 thoughts on “Paperwhimsy Glove Reliquaries

  1. These are BEAUTIFUL! I especially love the stitching and vibrant colors in “Fortune”. Thanks for the link to the tutorial, as well. It’s such a cool idea.

  2. these are all so gorgeous Theresa and they show their splendor much better here on your blog!!

  3. So beautifully done, and of course I simply adore the hand stitching!

  4. I love them all…..but that last photo..with all that texture goodness….makes me swoon.xoxo

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