theresa mARTin

mixed media art

Quirky Embroidery


Here are the quirky results of playing with thread and cloth.

Tea Time theresa mARTin

Tea Time

Tea Time theresa mARTin

Tea Time

5 theresamARTin

Number 5

number 5 theresamARTin

Number 5

Frayed Wing theresa mARTin

Frayed Wing

Frayed Wing theresamARTin

Frayed Wing


14 thoughts on “Quirky Embroidery

  1. These are fabulous!!!

  2. Amazing work Theresa! I love the frayed wing one. Margie

  3. These are so cool. I like the frayed wing one too. How are you putting the images down? Printing onto fabric, transferring, etc? Or are you freehanding them? What a nice juxtaposition of material and texture. Thanks for sharing these.

  4. What you have created here takes my breath away Theresa…each piece draws me in = WOWEE Beautiful!!! ♥

  5. Love these – not so quirky – just wonderful!

  6. I love the texture of the pieces.

  7. Wow, I love what you’ve done here. Still very much recognizable as your work but with that lovely bit of texture only stitching can produce. The patchworked additions are just genius!

  8. omg…theresa, these are amazing!!! beautiful work!

  9. soooo beautiful and inspiring! tx for sharing and inspiring, aloha, angi in hana

  10. WOW theresa! You are amazing! Love these pieces- so original and quirky or not- Fantabulous!!

  11. These are wonderful Theresa! Loving the quirky especially the first piece. Hope you create more.

  12. So incredible. I’ve really never seen any like it……… beautiful!

  13. playing catch up after being away. These are so fantastic Theresa!!! Love the compositions and stitching with the faces!

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