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An Adventure in Handmade Silk Paper



A few years ago I started collecting silk roving with no particular project in mind.  I came across a tutorial on Judy Gula’s blog here. and decided to give silk paper making a try.  Well, I have a LOT of roving, so lots of photos follow.

I collect materials that will likely end up in a project one day but there’s not always a plan. A lot of these materials have been waiting to come together in some way. I used silk roving, art yarn, Angelina fibers, Japanese metallic threads, paper, sequins, silk carrier rods, hat veils and glitter.

The “paper” is somewhat stiff, but is flexible like fiber.  Some are more paper like but most feel like soft textiles. Originally I thought of them as paper that would later be embellished with embroidery and other collage elements. As I made more they became collages in and of themselves.



You made it to the end!  Here’s a bonus.  This is a LINK to a lovely Etsy shop where you can find Art Yarn Fiber Bundles.  Here’s a LINK to the silk roving section of Judy Gula’s website.


10 thoughts on “An Adventure in Handmade Silk Paper

  1. Theresa, these are GORGEOUS! Can you do a class on these?

  2. These are *stunning* Theresa! I would never have thought about adding harder texture like the micro beads and large sequins – but they add soooooo much interest and surface play!
    Thanks for the ideas … but, I’m not going to thank you for yet ANOTHER thing to start ‘collecting’ and adding to the stash for that proverbial ‘someday’ …

  3. These are just so incredibly cool, Tea. I love them!

  4. OMG absolutely gorgeous Theresa!!

  5. Theresa!!! These are absolutely,MAGNIFICENT!!! I swear my heart started racing and pounded faster each new collage piece i looked at! I need time, time time and lots of it- I want to do this as well- I want to play art with you, I want to take one of your classes… Have you ever heard anyone Want as much as me before??
    Fabulous post,my friend!
    Jackie xx

  6. These are so yummy. Must find the silk fiber that is in a “safe” place.

  7. Wow—I need a new word, with stunning, gorgeous and magnificent already taken. The colors, the textures, the combination of elements…GLORIOUS! Breathtaking! Stupendous! And of course your photography showcases your art so beautifully.

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  9. I love all your stitches and pressed pieces…what do you do with them? How big are they, do they hand on the wall or …? In any case the colors, beading and stitches are way fun!

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