theresa mARTin

mixed media art

Paper Doll in a Shoe Class October 26, 2019


Paper Doll in a Shoe Pocket with theresa mARTin
$60.00 All Supplies Provided

Artistic Artifacts, Alexandria VA
Saturday, October 26, 2019
10:00 am – 2:30 pm, ½ hour lunch break

All Supplies Provided! Originating as an inexpensive toy, paper dolls have evolved into an art form. Join acclaimed mixed media artist theresa mARTin and create one of a kind mixed media paper dolls using paper, fabric, ribbons, fibers, collage sheets and much more. In addition to the embellishments, students will be provided with paper doll forms made exclusively for theresa and this class by! Plus, theresa has been granted the use of PaperWhimsy’s shoe form to make cozy homes for the dolls — or to use alone as beautiful keepsakes! Your inspiration can be anything from a classic fairy tale to a traditional form of a fashion doll with a change of dresses. Celebrate the upcoming Halloween holiday by creating a witch or creating different costumes for your doll. Your workshop fee includes $12.00 complete kit fee. Note: Although supplies are provided, feel free to bring in extra items from your own stash to supplement or to add an even more personal touch.



4 thoughts on “Paper Doll in a Shoe Class October 26, 2019

  1. I so want to join your class! Do a live video feed so I can play along! heehee
    Your doll is just out of this world gorgeous! A foxy fairy of the forest for sure!
    Jackie xx

  2. Theresa, what a beautiful new example for this fun class — I so enjoyed taking it last year and highly recommend it!

  3. so beautiful Theresa. What a fun class this will be! happy fall my friend.

  4. …oh fun. ….wish I were closer. …I treasure your shoe-nestled-dolly Art Card from last month ! Hugs, Karen

    Karen Chin Artist

    Cellphone: 571-235-8071

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